Detection of citrus leaf diseases using a deep learning technique

Ahmed R. Luaibi, Tariq M. Salman, Abbas Hussein Miry


The food security major threats are the diseases affected in plants such as citrus so that the identification in an earlier time is very important. Convenient malady recognition can assist the client with responding immediately and sketch for some guarded activities. This recognition can be completed without a human by utilizing plant leaf pictures. There are many methods employed for the classification and detection in machine learning (ML) models, but the combination of increasing advances in computer vision appears the deep learning (DL) area research to achieve a great potential in terms of increasing accuracy. In this paper, two ways of conventional neural networks are used named Alex Net and Res Net models with and without data augmentation involves the process of creating new data points by manipulating the original data. This process increases the number of training images in DL without the need to add new photos, it will appropriate in the case of small datasets. A self-dataset of 200 images of diseases and healthy citrus leaves are collected. The trained models with data augmentation give the best results with 95.83% and 97.92% for Res Net and Alex Net respectively.


alexnet; citrus leaves; data augmentation; deep learning; res net;

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