Capacity Enhancement for High Data Rate Wireless Communication System

Kehinde Odeyemi, Erastus Ogunti


Wireless communication systems have advanced significantly in the past years and played an extremely important role in our society. It is rapidly becoming the most popular solution to deliver voice and data services due to flexibility and mobility that can be offered at moderate infrastructure costs. It is foreseen that future wireless communication system will experience an enormous increase in traffic due to increased number of users as well as new high bit rate data services (multimedia) being introduced. The increase in channel capacity and high transmission rates for wireless communications requires technologies for power saving and efficient frequency usability. One of the most promising techniques to achieve this is the Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) system. This paper proposed a combined spatial multiplexing MIMO scheme with beamforming for high data rate wireless communication. The proposed transmission scheme combines the benefits of both techniques and the system was able to transmit parallel data streams as well as provide beamforming gain. Actually, these diverse techniques, share the same requirement of multiple antenna elements, but differ in the antenna element spacing necessary for the different schemes to work. Thus, smart antenna array was proposed as a possible solution and was adopted at both the transmitter and receiver. The proposed hybrid technique improved the system spectral efficiency performance significantly than the conventional MIMO, spatial multiplexing and beamforming techniques when used alone under the same simulation environment.



MIMO; Spatial Multiplexing; Beamforming; Smart Antenna; BER; Spectral Efficiency

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