Networking Heterogeneous Microcontroller based Systems through Universal Serial Bus

Sastry Kodanda Rama Jammalamadaka, Valluru Sai Kumar Reddy, Smt J Sasi Bhanu


Networking heterogeneous embedded systems is a challenge. Every distributed embedded systems requires that the network is designed specifically considering the heterogeneity that exits among different Microcontroller based systems that are used in developing a distributed embedded system. Communication architecture, which considers the addressing of the individual systems, arbitration, synchronisation, error detection and control etc., needs to be designed considering a specific application. The issue of configuring the slaves has to be addressed. It is also important that the messages, flow of the messages across the individual ES systems must be designed. Every distributed embedded system is different and needs to be dealt with separately. This paper presents an approach that addresses various issues related to networking distributed embedded systems through use of universal serial bus communication protocol (USB). The approach has been applied to design a distributed embedded that monitors and controls temperatures within a Nuclear reactor system.


: Distributed Embedded systems, Bus based serial communication protocols, deign of communication systems, USB based communication system.

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