Goal-based hybrid filtering for user-to-user Personalized Recommendation

Muhammad Waseem Chughtai, Ali Bin Selamat, Imran Ghani


Recommendation systems are gaining great importance with e-Learning and multimedia on the internet. It fails in some situations such as new-user profile (cold-start) issue. To overcome this issue, we propose a novel goalbased hybrid approach for user-to-user personalized similarity recommendation and present its performance accuracy. This work also helps to improve collaborative filtering using k-nearest neighbor as neighborhood collaborative filtering (NCF) and content-based filtering as content-based collaborative filtering (CBCF). The purpose of combining k-nn with recommendation approaches is to increase the relevant recommendation accuracy and decrease the new-user profile (cold-start) issue. The proposed goal-based approach associated with nearest neighbors, compare personalized profile preferences and get the similarities between users. The paper discussed research architecture, working of proposed goal-based approach, its experimental steps and initial results.



Goal-based; Recommender system; Content-based filtering; Collaborative filtering; k-Nearest Neighbor; Hybrid filtering; Cold-start

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