Digital technologies evolution in swiftlet farming: a systematic literature review

Arni Munira Markom, Yusrina Yusof, Marni Azira Markom, Hazlihan Haris, Ahmad Razif Muhammad


The integration of cutting-edge technologies into swiftlet farming has greatly enhanced efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. The internet of things (IoT) provides farmers with up-to-date environmental data, enabling them to create and sustain ideal circumstances for swiftlets. Artificial intelligence (AI) enhances this process by analysing vast databases and providing farmers with well-informed choices to optimize yield. Biotechnology, by combining genetic selection and breeding programs, effectively connects with the IoT, enabling constant monitoring and control of the health and genetic traits of swiftlets. The integration of renewable energy technology seeks to diminish dependence on conventional energy sources, promoting sustainability. In this paper, a systematic review of the literature is examined the utilization of digital technology in the swiftlet farmhouse. The findings were classified into three main themes: smart monitoring and control systems, advanced bird detection techniques, and sustainable practices and innovative approaches, specifically in the manufacture of edible bird nest. This systematic literature review emphasizes the multidisciplinary nature of swiftlet farming's technological evolution, technology developers, challenges and recommendations that farmers and the industry face in their pursuit of sustainable growth.


Agriculture technology; Edible bird's nest; Internet of thing agriculture; Review; Swiftlet farmhouse

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