Intermittent open-circuit fault diagnosis of inverters based on DC-link electromagnetic field signal

Hoang-Giang Vu, Hamed Yahoui


For the objective of improving the reliability of converters in electric drives, research on a method for early detection of intermittent open-circuit faults of power valves is reported in this article. Intermittent open circuit condition is the incipient form of power valve open-circuit fault in power converters. Prompt detection of this fault allows for timely remediation of permanent open circuit defects that is a commonly subsequent process. This study introduces an investigation of this fault, which occurs in the voltage source inverter of induction motor drives. Intermittent faults are created through interference with the control pulse of the power valve. Wavelet transform with the Mexican hat mother function is utilized for signal processing. Appropriate ranges of the scale are selected to obtain a high magnitude of the wavelet coefficient at faulty instants. The analysis for the direct current recorded at the DC-link in simulation and the electromagnetic signal measured at the DC-bus of the inverter can be effectively used for the fault diagnosis.


Fault detection; Induction motor drive; Intermittent fault; Open-circuit fault; Voltage source inverter

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