Machine learning-based clothing recommendation system for women: case study of Lady's confecciones

Leydis Maestre-Matos, Manuel Manjarres-Rivera, Carlos Robles-Algarín, Jose Navarro-Meneses


This paper presents a clothing recommendation system for women based on their body type, aiming to facilitate the purchasing process on the online sales channel of the company Lady's Confecciones located in the city of Santa Marta, Colombia. For this process, a user interface was designed to function in two ways: using a prediction model that takes as inputs a photograph of the user and their height, and a manual mode that receives the measurements of bust, hip and waist. The prediction model implemented the OpenCV library and the skinned multi-person linear (SMPL) model to process images and predict body shape and pose. Five body types were considered: triangle, apple, rectangle, hourglass and inverted triangle, differentiated by bust, waist and hip measurements, according to the conditions provided by the company. The system was able to predict the body measurements of the female participants with a maximum Pearson correlation coefficient of 0.97. For predicting body type, the best results were obtained for the rectangle body shape, with an accuracy of 92.31%.


Body type predicting system; Clothing recommendation; Fashion recommender system; Machine learning; Recommendation system

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