Accelerating real-time deterministic discovery through single instruction multiple data graphical processor unit for executing distributed event logs

Hermawan Fauzan, Riyanarto Sarno, Ahmad Saikhu


With the rapid expansion of process mining implementation in global enterprises distributed across numerous branches, there is a critical requirement to develop an application qualified for real-time operation with fast and precise data integration. To address this challenge, computational parallelism emerges as a feasible solution to accelerate data analytics, with graphical processor unit (GPU) computing currently trending for achieving parallelism acceleration. In this study, we developed a process mining application to optimize parallel and distributed process discovery through a combination of central processing unit (CPU) and GPU computing. The use of this computing combination is leveraged for executing multi-windowing threads within multi-instruction, multiple data (MIMD) in the CPU for streaming distributed event logs, using multi-instruction, single data (MISD) within the CPU to deploy a large footprint pipeline to the GPU, and then utilizing single instruction, multiple data (SIMD) to execute global thread discovery within the GPU. This method significantly accelerates performance in real-time distributed discovery. By reducing branch divergence in SIMD on the global thread GPU parallelism, it outperformed local-thread CPU execution in deterministic discovery, speeding up from 10 to 40 times under specific conditions using a novel min-max flag algorithm implemented within the main steps of the process discovery.


General programming; Graphical processing units (GPGPU); Graphical processor unit (GPU); Multi instruction multiple data (MIMD); Multi instruction single data (MISD); Process discovery; Single instruction multiple data (SIMD)

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