Internet behavioral models for improving internet quality of service or user profiling: a systematic literature review

Zhang Lei, Nor Shahniza Kamal Bashah


Internet behavior models have found applications across diverse domains, notably in internet addiction, customer satisfaction analysis, user purchasing behavior prediction, and optimizing internet of things (IoT) sensor performance. However, a notable gap exists in exploring these models in enhancing internet quality of service (QoS), specifically in campus settings, intricately linked to the nuances of students' online behavior. This study elucidates the strategic utilization of internet behavioral models for augmenting internet QoS and facilitating user behavior analysis. Creating datasets grounded in internet users' access behavior represents a pivotal phase, with explicit, implicit, and mixed methods emerging as the prevailing approaches. In this comprehensive literature review, we systematically scrutinized the methods, techniques, and inherent characteristics of constructing internet behavior models according to a systematic literature review process. The qualitative findings extracted from the systematic review encapsulated 1,046 articles, meticulously classified according to predefined inclusion and exclusion criteria. Subsequently, 35 articles were judiciously selected for in-depth analysis. This study culminated in identifying the most pertinent methodologies and salient features pivotal to construct robust internet behavior model for improving internet QoS and user experience.


Behavior analysis; Behavioral characteristics; Internet behavior model; Internet quality of service; User profiling

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