A fuzzy-PID controller for load frequency control of a two-area power system using a hybrid algorithm

Abdessamade Bouaddi, Reda Rabeh, Mohammed Ferfra


This paper presents the use of a new hybrid optimization approach known as particle swarm optimization and grey wolf optimizer (PSO-GWO) for improving frequency stability load frequency control (LFC) in tow-area power systems. The approach consists in optimizing the fuzzy proportional-integral-derivative (fuzzy-PID) controller parameters with meta-heuristic hybrid algorithm: PSO-GWO. This technique allows to have dynamic responses with the least possible frequency deviation in very short response times. The approach proposes to controls the tie-line power and the frequency deviation in the considered two-area power systems under variable perturbation in load and changing of system parameters in order to evaluate its effectiveness. The suggested hybrid algorithm-based fuzzy-PID controller is compared with various widely used control methods in the literature such as PID controller and algorithms such as PSO and GWO in order to evaluate its effectiveness and its robustness. Through the simulations carried out on MATLAB/Simulink, the proposed PSO-GWO fuzzy-PID and the objective function exhibit improved performance, achieving minimal objective values. The proposed technique proved to be quite powerful tool in the resolution of problems related to electrical power systems, particularly in load frequency control.


Automatic generation control; Fuzzy-PID controller; Hybrid optimization algorithm; Load frequency control; Tow-area power systems

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v14i4.pp3580-3591

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