Face recognition with occluded face using improve intersection over union of region proposal network on Mask region convolutional neural network

Rahmat Budiarsa, Retantyo Wardoyo, Aina Musdholifah


Face recognition entails detecting and identifying facial attributes. Mask region convolutional neural network (R-CNN) method is a prominent approach, while prior research predominantly delved into refining loss functions and perfecting object and face detection, recognizing, and identifying faces using imperfect data remained relatively unexplored. This study focuses on an occluded dataset comprising Indonesian faces, wherein 'occluded' denotes facial data that lacks complete visibility-encompassing instances where objects obscure faces or are partially cropped. This investigation involves a deliberate experiment that tailors the intersection over union (IoU) of the region proposal network (RPN) to suit the nuances of occluded Indonesian faces, thereby augmenting accuracy in recognition and segmentation tasks. The innovation IoU in the strategic utilization of Anchors, which involves the exclusion of anchors falling beyond the image borders to optimize computational efficiency. The outcomes of this research are striking; it showcases a remarkable 14.75%, 10.9%, and 12.97% surge based on mean average precision (mAP), mean average recall (mAR), and F1-Scores compared to the conventional Mask R-CNN approach. Notably, our proposed model elevates the average accuracy by 10% to 15% and decreases running time by 21%, a noteworthy enhancement compared to the preceding model. This progress is substantiated by validation utilizing 300 instances dataset, reinforcing the robustness of our approach.


Box regressor; Face recognition; Intersection over union; Mask region convolutional neural network; Occluded face

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v14i3.pp3256-3265

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