CycleInSight: An enhanced YOLO approach for vulnerable cyclist detection in urban environments

Manish Narkhede, Nilkanth Chopade


As urbanization continues to reshape transportation, the safety of cyclists in complex traffic environments has become a pressing concern. In response to this challenge, our research introduces a CycleInSight framework, which harnesses advanced deep learning and computer vision techniques to enable precise and efficient cyclist detection in diverse urban settings. Utilizing you only look once version 8 (YOLOv8) object detection algorithm, the proposed model aims to detect and localize vulnerable cyclists near vehicles equipped with onboard cameras. Our research presents comprehensive experimental results demonstrating its effectiveness in identifying vulnerable cyclists amidst dynamic and challenging traffic conditions. With an impressive average precision of 90.91%, our approach outperforms existing models while maintaining efficient inference speeds. By effectively identifying and tracking cyclists, this framework holds significant potential to enhance urban traffic safety, inform data-driven infrastructure planning, and support the development of advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicles.


Advanced driver assistance systems; Autonomous vehicles; Computer vision; Deep learning; Object detection; Vulnerable cyclist; YOLO

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