Multi-objective optimal reconfiguration of distribution networks using a novel meta-heuristic algorithm

Negar Dehghany, Rasool Asghari


Reconfiguration strategies are used to reduce power losses and increase the reliability of the distribution systems. Since the optimal reconfiguration problem is a multi-objective optimization problem with non-convex functions and constraints, meta-heuristic algorithms are the most suitable choice for the problem-solving approach. One of the new meta-heuristic algorithms that exhibits excellent performance in solving multi-objective problems is the wild mice colony (WMC) algorithm, which is implemented based on aggressive and mating strategies of wild mice. In this paper, the distribution network reconfiguration problem is solved to reduce power losses, improve reliability, and increase the voltage profile of network buses using the WMC algorithm. In addition, the obtained results are compared with conventional multi-objective algorithms. The optimal reconfiguration problem is applied to the IEEE 33-bus and 69-bus test systems. The comparative study confirms the superior performance of the proposed algorithm in terms of convergence speed, execution time, and the final solution.


Distribution networks; Meta-heuristic algorithms; Multi-objective optimization problem; Optimal reconfiguration; Wild mice colony optimization algorithm

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