An efficient object detection by autonomous vehicle using deep learning

Nitalaksheswara Rao Kolukula, Rajendra Prasad Kalapala, Sundara Siva Rao Ivaturi, Ravi Kumar Tammineni, Mahalakshmi Annavarapu, Uma Pyla


The automation industries have been developing since the first demonstration in the period 1980 to 2000 it is mainly used on automated driving vehicle. Now a day’s automotive companies, technology companies, government bodies, research institutions and academia, investors and venture capitalists are interested in autonomous vehicles. In this work, object detection on road is proposed, which uses deep learning (DL) algorithms. You only look once (YOLO V3, V4, V5). In this system object detection on the road data set is taken as input and the objects are mainly on-road vehicles, traffic signals, cars, trucks and buses. These inputs are given to the models to predict and detect the objects. The Performance of the proposed system is compared with performance of deep learning algorithms convolution neural network (CNN). The proposed system accuracy greater than 76.5% to 93.3%, mean average precision (Map) and frame per second (FPS) are 0.895 and 43.95%.


Convolution neural network; Computer vision; Deep learning; Object detection; YOLO V3; YOLO V4; YOLO V5

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