Prediction of novel malware using hybrid convolution neural network and long short-term memory approach

Nagababu Pachhala, Subbaiyan Jothilakshmi, Bhanu Prakash Battula


The rapid evolution of network communication technologies has led to the emergence of new forms of malware and cybercrimes, posing significant threats to user safety, network infrastructure integrity, and data privacy. Despite efforts to develop advanced algorithms for detecting malicious activity, constructing models that are both accurate and reliable remains a challenge, especially in handling vast and dynamically shifting data patterns. The prevalent bag-of-words (BOW) method, while widely used, falls short in capturing crucial spatial and sequence information vital for detecting malware patterns. To address this challenge, the work presented in this paper proposes hybrid convolution neural network-long short-term memory network (CNN-LSTM) combination models, leveraging CNN's spatial information extraction and LSTM's temporal modeling capabilities. Focused on predicting the infiltration of malicious software into personal computers, the proposed hybrid CNN-LSTM model considers factors such as location, firmware version, operating system, and anti-virus software. The proposed models undergo training and evaluation using Microsoft's malware dataset, demonstrating superior performance compared to traditional CNN and LSTM models. The CNN-LSTM model achieves an impressive accuracy of 95% on the Microsoft malware dataset, highlighting its effectiveness in malware detection.


Bag-of-words; Convolution neural network; Long short-term memory; Deep learning; Malware; Malware prediction

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