Feature selection techniques and classification algorithms for student performance classification: a review

Muhamad Aqif Hadi Alias, Najidah Hambali, Mohd Azri Abdul Aziz, Mohd Nasir Taib, Rozita Jailani


The process of categorizing students’ performance based on input data, encompassing demographic information and final exam results, is recognized as student performance classification. Educational data mining has gained traction in assessing students’ performance. However, this study entails the need to analyze the diverse attributes of students’ information within an educational institution by using data mining techniques. This study thoroughly examines both previous and current methodologies presented by researchers, addressing two main aspects: data preprocessing and classification algorithms applied in student performance classification. Data preprocessing specifically delves into the exploration of feature selection techniques, encompassing three types of feature selection and search methods. These techniques aim to identify the most significant features, eliminate unnecessary ones, and reduce data dimensionality. In addition, classification algorithms play a crucial role in categorizing or predicting student performance. Models such as k-nearest neighbors (KNN), decision tree (DT), artificial neural networks (ANN), and linear models (LR) were scrutinized based on their performance in prior research. Ultimately, this study highlights the potential for further exploration of feature selection techniques like information gain, Chi-square, and sequential selection, particularly when applied to new datasets such as students’ online learning activities, utilizing a variety of classification algorithms.


Artificial neural networks; Classification; Decision tree; Feature selection; K-nearest neighbors; Linear models; Student performance

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v14i3.pp3230-3243

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