Internet of things-based digital scale to detect stunting symptoms in babies under two years of age

Daniel Patricko Hutabarat, Willis Wijaya, Wilbert Devin Wijaya


Given the ongoing global challenge of stunting, characterized primarily by chronic underweight in infants under two years of age, a new approach leveraging digital scale and the internet of things (IoT) has been developed. This innovative system was designed to facilitate the early detection and continual monitoring of stunting symptoms caused by malnourishment. Key features include an IoT-enabled digital scale for precise weight measurement, a robust cloud platform for reliable data storage and comprehensive analysis, and an easy-to-use mobile app for user engagement. This system demonstrates its potential to simplify tracking fluctuations in baby weight and development progress related to stunting over time. Early trials demonstrated an impressive accuracy rate of 99.4% in body weight measurements and provided excellent conclusions in determining the body weight status of the infants. Overall, this IoT-based solution catalyzes the improvement of stunting detection methodologies and early intervention strategies, thus promising a better solution and a significant positive impact on global child health.


Android application; Digital scale; Internet of things; Microcontroller; Stunting symptoms; Underweight infant

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