AlgoDM: algorithm to perform aspect-based sentiment analysis using IDistance matrix

Sandhya Raghavendra Savanur, Sumathi Ranganathaiah, Shreedhara Kondajji Srinivasamurthy


Sentiment analysis is a method of analyzing data to identify its intent. It identifies the emotional tone of a text body. Aspect-based sentiment analysis is a text analysis technique that identifies the aspect and the sentiment associated with each aspect. Different organizations use aspect-based sentiment analysis to analyze opinions about a product, service, or idea. Traditional sentiment analysis methods analyze the complete text and assign a single sentiment label to it. They do not handle the tasks of aspect association, dealing with multiple aspects and inclusion of linguistic concepts together as a system. In this article, AlgoDM, an algorithm to perform aspect-based sentiment analysis is proposed. AlgoDM uses a novel concept of IDistance matrix to extract aspects, associate aspects with sentiment words, and determine the sentiment associated with each aspect. The IDistance matrix is constructed to calculate the distance between aspects and the words expressing the sentiment related to the aspect. It works at the sentence level and identifies the opinion expressed on each aspect appearing in the sentence. It also evaluates the overall sentiment expressed in the sentence. The proposed algorithm can perform sentiment analysis of any opinionated text.


Aspect-based; Distance matrix; Sentence level; Sentiment analysis; Text analysis

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