Noisy image enhancements using deep learning techniques

Kuanysh Daurenbekov, Ulzada Aitimova, Aigul Dauitbayeva, Arman Sankibayev, Elmira Tulegenova, Assel Yerzhan, Akbota Yerzhanova, Galiya Mukhamedrakhimova


This article explores the application of deep learning techniques to improve the accuracy of feature enhancements in noisy images. A multitasking convolutional neural network (CNN) learning model architecture has been proposed that is trained on a large set of annotated images. Various techniques have been used to process noisy images, including the use of data augmentation, the application of filters, and the use of image reconstruction techniques. As a result of the experiments, it was shown that the proposed model using deep learning methods significantly improves the accuracy of object recognition in noisy images. Compared to single-tasking models, the multi-tasking model showed the superiority of this approach in performing multiple tasks simultaneously and saving training time. This study confirms the effectiveness of using multitasking models using deep learning for object recognition in noisy images. The results obtained can be applied in various fields, including computer vision, robotics, automatic driving, and others, where accurate object recognition in noisy images is a critical component.


Deep learning; Image processing; Machine learning; Multitasking learning model; Noisy image;

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