Investigation of auto-oscilational regimes of the system by dynamic nonlinearities

Isamidin Siddikov, Davronbek Khalmatov, Gulchekhra Alimova, Ulugbek Khujanazarov, Sadikova Feruzaxon, Mustafaqul Usanov


The paper proposes a method for the analysis and synthesis of self-oscillations in the form of a finite, predetermined number of terms of the Fourier series in systems reduced to single-loop, with one element having a nonlinear static characteristic of an arbitrary shape and a dynamic part, which is the sum of the products of coordinates and their derivatives. In this case, the nonlinearity is divided into two parts: static and dynamic nonlinearity. The solution to the problem under consideration consists of two parts. First, the parameters of self-oscillations are determined, and then the parameters of the nonlinear dynamic part of the system are synthesized. When implementing this procedure, the calculation time depends on the number of harmonics considered in the first approximation, so it is recommended to choose the minimum number of them in calculations. An algorithm for determining the self-oscillating mode of a control system with elements that have dynamic nonlinearity is proposed. The developed method for calculating self-oscillations is suitable for solving various synthesis problems. The generated system of equations can be used to synthesize the parameters of both linear and nonlinear parts. The advantage is its versatility.


Algorithm; Harmonic; Nonlinearity; Self-oscillations; Spline; Synthesis

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