Automatic notes based on video records of online meetings using the latent Dirichlet allocation method

Rakhmat Arianto, Rosa Andrie Asmara, Usman Nurhasan, Anugrah Nur Rahmanto


Meeting minutes can also be used as a benchmark for whether the meeting objectives have been achieved or not. Minutes are taken during the meeting until the end of the meeting, which contain essential points from the meeting. Minutes in online meetings are currently still done manually, and generally, every meeting is recorded as documentation that requires more human resources to change the recording of the meeting file. Based on the problems above, a solution to this problem is needed by creating an automatic note-taking system that can assist the note-takers in concluding the meeting, especially in the Information Technology Department. This study uses the latent Dirichlet allocation (LDA) method to determine text summarization and topic modeling. Based on this research, the system calculation using the LDA method produces a pretty good accuracy value for text summarization of 57.91% and topic modeling with a coherence score of 64.56%. Based on this research, the implementation of the latent Dirichlet allocation method for text summarization and topic modeling provides a fairly good level of similarity accuracy when compared to the minutes that are written manually and can be implemented in the Information Technology Department.


Automatic note-taking system; Latent Dirichlet allocation method; Meeting minutes; Text summarization; Topic modeling

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