Data quality processing for photovoltaic system measurements

Jose Galarza, David Condezo Hurtado, Bartolome Saenz


The operation and maintenance activities in photovoltaic systems use meteorological and electrical measurements that must be reliable to check system performance. The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards have established general criteria to filter erroneous information; however, there is no standardized process for the evaluation of measurements. In the present work we developed 3 procedures to detect and correct measurements of a photovoltaic system based on the single diode model. The performance evaluation of each criterion was tested with 6 groups of experimental measurements from a 3 kWp installation. Based on the error of the 3 procedures performed, the most unfavorable case has been prioritized. Then, the reduction of errors between the estimated and measured value has been achieved, reducing the number of measurements to be corrected. For the clear sky categories, the coefficient of determination is 0.9975 and 0.9961 for the high irradiance profile. Although an increase of 2.5% for coefficient of determination has been achieved, the overcast sky categories should be analyzed in more detail. Finally, the different causes of measurement error should be analyzed, associated with calibration errors and sensor quality.


Correlation; Estimation; Irradiance; Model; Photovoltaic system

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