Statistical analysis of range of motion and surface electromyography data for a knee rehabilitation device

Kiattisak Sengchuai, Thantip Sittiruk, Apidet Booranawong, Nattha Jindapetch


This work introduces a statistical analysis of knee range of motion (ROM) and surface electromyography (EMG) data gathered from a knee extension rehabilitation device. Real-time ROM and EMG signals of rehabilitation users are measured using a single angle sensor and a two-channel EMG device (for the vastus lateralis and vastus medialis muscles). These signals are collected by the NI-myRIO embedded device in accordance with the designed rehabilitation program. The main contribution and novelty of this study is that real-time signals are automatically processed and transformed into statistical data for use by users and medical experts. A solution for extracting raw signals is proposed, in which several statistical functions such as range, mean, standard deviation, skewness, percentiles, interquartile range, and total knee holding times above the threshold level, are implemented and applied. The proposed solution is tested using data acquired from healthy people, which includes gender, age, body size, knee side, exercise behavior, and surgical experience. Results indicated that real-time signals and related statistical data on the knee’s performance can be efficiently monitored. With this solution, rehabilitation users can practice and learn about their knee performance, while medical experts can evaluate the data and design the best rehabilitation program for users.


Electromyography; Knee movement; Monitoring and rehabilitation; Range of motion; Statistical analysis

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