Hyperparameters analysis of long short-term memory architecture for crop classification

Madiha Sher, Nasru Minallah, Tufail Ahmad, Waleed Khan


Deep learning (DL) has seen a massive rise in popularity for remote sensing (RS) based applications over the past few years. However, the performance of DL algorithms is dependent on the optimization of various hyperparameters since the hyperparameters have a huge impact on the performance of deep neural networks. The impact of hyperparameters on the accuracy and reliability of DL models is a significant area for investigation. In this study, the grid Search algorithm is used for hyperparameters optimization of long short-term memory (LSTM) network for the RS-based classification. The hyperparameters considered for this study are, optimizer, activation function, batch size, and the number of LSTM layers. In this study, over 1,000 hyperparameter sets are evaluated and the result of all the sets are analyzed to see the effects of various combinations of hyperparameters as well the individual parameter effect on the performance of the LSTM model. The performance of the LSTM model is evaluated using the performance metric of minimum loss and average loss and it was found that classification can be highly affected by the choice of optimizer; however, other parameters such as the number of LSTM layers have less influence.


crop classification; grid search; hyperparameters tuning; multispectral; remote sensing;

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v13i4.pp4661-4670

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