Smart grid deployment: from a bibliometric analysis to a survey

Stéphane Wetinhoun, Pélagie Houngue, Sèmèvo Arnaud Roland M. Ahouandjinou, Jules Degila


Smart grids are one of the last decades' innovations in electrical energy. They bring relevant advantages compared to the traditional grid and significant interest from the research community. Assessing the field's evolution is essential to propose guidelines for facing new and future smart grid challenges. In addition, knowing the main technologies involved in the deployment of smart grids (SGs) is important to highlight possible shortcomings that can be mitigated by developing new tools. This paper contributes to the research trends mentioned above by focusing on two objectives. First, a bibliometric analysis is presented to give an overview of the current research level about smart grid deployment. Second, a survey of the main technological approaches used for smart grid implementation and their contributions are highlighted. To that effect, we searched the Web of Science (WoS), and the Scopus databases. We obtained 5,663 documents from WoS and 7,215 from Scopus on smart grid implementation or deployment. With the extraction limitation in the Scopus database, 5,872 of the 7,215 documents were extracted using a multi-step process. These two datasets have been analyzed using a bibliometric tool called bibliometrix. The main outputs are presented with some recommendations for future research.


Bibliometric analysis; Bibliometrix; Deployment; Distributed energy resources; Energy efficiency; Smart grid; Smart grid deployment

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