Application of improved you only look once model in road traffic monitoring system

Shridevi Jeevan Kamble, Manjunath R Kounte


The present research focuses on developing an intelligent traffic management solution for tracking the vehicles on roads. Our proposed work focuses on a much better you only look once (YOLOv4) traffic monitoring system that uses the CSPDarknet53 architecture as its foundation. Deep-sort learning methodology for vehicle multi-target detection from traffic video is also part of our research study. We have included features like the Kalman filter, which estimates unknown objects and can track moving targets. Hungarian techniques identify the correct frame for the object. We are using enhanced object detection network design and new data augmentation techniques with YOLOv4, which ultimately aids in traffic monitoring. Until recently, object identification models could either perform quickly or draw conclusions quickly. This was a big improvement, as YOLOv4 has an astoundingly good performance for a very high frames per second (FPS). The current study is focused on developing an intelligent video surveillance-based vehicle tracking system that tracks the vehicles using a neural network, image-based tracking, and YOLOv4. Real video sequences of road traffic are used to test the effectiveness of the method that has been suggested in the research. Through simulations, it is demonstrated that the suggested technique significantly increases graphics processing unit (GPU) speed and FSP as compared to baseline algorithms.


computer vision; intelligent traffic; neural network; traffic analysis; YOLOv3;

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