Inductively coupled distributed static compensator for power quality analysis of distribution networks

Praveen Kumar Yadav Kundala, Mrutyunjaya Mangaraj, Suresh Kumar Sudabattula


In this research paper, an inductively coupled distributed static compensator (IC-DSTATCOM) for three phase three wire (3P3W) electric power distribution system (EPDS) is proposed. The contraction of power quality (PQ) was marked as a perilous droop mode bump into direct coupled distributed static compensator (DC-DSTATCOM). To regain the PQ, inductive coupling transformer is assisted in conjunction with DC-DSTATCOM. The system equivalent circuit of IC-DSTATCOM is accomplished by take into account of impedance of both transformer and DC-DSTATCOM to reveal the filtering technique. The filtering icos∅ mechanism is performed by following the generalized mathematical approach using MATLAB/Simulink. A case education is reviewed in detail to illustrate the performance of both DC-DSTATCOM and IC-DSTATCOM. The IC-DSTATCOM is amplified healthier as compared to other in terms of harmonics shortening, good power factor, load balancing, and potential regulation. To examine the effectiveness, simulation outputs of the IC-DSTATCOM with different PQ parameter indices are presented by following the benchmark measure of IEEE-2030-7-2017 and IEC-61000-1 system code.


direct coupled distributed static compensator; icos∅ control algorithm; inductively coupled distributed; power quality improvement; static compensator;

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