An internet of things enabled framework to monitor the lifecycle of Cordyceps sinensis mushrooms

Minakshi Memoria, Sanjeev Kumar Shah, Harishchander Anandaram, Anooja Ali, Kapil Joshi, Parag Verma, Rajesh Singh, Anita Gehlot, Shaik Vaseem Akram


Cordyceps sinensis is an edible mushroom found in high quantities in the regions of the Himalayas and widely considered in traditional systems of medicine. It is a non-toxic remedy mushroom and has a high measure of clinical medical benefits including cancer restraint, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, depression, fatigue, immune disorder, and many infections of the upper respiratory tract. The cultivation of this kind of mushroom is limited to the region of the Sikkim and to cultivate in the other regions of the country, they are need of investigation and prediction of cordyceps sinensis mushroom lifecycle. From the studies, it is concluded that the precision-based agriculture techniques are limitedly explored for the prediction and growth of Cordyceps sinensis mushrooms. In this study, an internet of things (IoT) inspired framework is proposed to predict the lifecycle of Cordyceps sinensis mushrooms and also provide alternate substrate to cultivate Cordyceps sinensis mushrooms in other parts of the country. As a part of lifecycle prediction, a framework is proposed in this study. According to the findings, an IoT sensor-based system with the ideal moisture level of the mushroom rack is required for the growth of Cordyceps sinensis mushrooms.


Cordyceps sinensis; Environment monitor; Internet of things; Mushroom cultivation

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