Optimal power flow solution with current injection model of generalized interline power flow controller using ameliorated ant lion optimization

Mallala Balasubbareddy, Divyanshi Dwivedi, Garikamukkala Venkata Krishna Murthy, Kotte Sowjan Kumar


Optimal power flow (OPF) solutions with generalized interline power flow controller (GIPFC) devices play an imperative role in enhancing the power system’s performance. This paper used a novel ant lion optimization (ALO) algorithm which is amalgamated with Lévy flight operator, and an effectual algorithm is proposed named as, ameliorated ant lion optimization (AALO) algorithm. It is being implemented to solve single objective OPF problem with the latest flexible alternating current transmission system (FACTS) controller named as GIPFC. GIPFC can control a couple of transmission lines concurrently and it also helps to control the sending end voltage. In this paper, current injection modeling of GIPFC is being incorporated in conventional Newton-Raphson (NR) load flow to improve voltage of the buses and focuses on minimizing the considered objectives such as generation fuel cost, emissions, and total power losses by fulfilling equality, in-equality. For optimal allocation of GIPFC, a novel Lehmann-Symanzik-Zimmermann (LSZ) approach is considered. The proposed algorithm is validated on single benchmark test functions such as Sphere, Rastrigin function then the proposed algorithm with GIPFC has been testified on standard IEEE-30 bus system.


Ameliorated ant lion optimization algorithm; Current injection modeling; Fuel cost; Generalized interline power flow controller; Lehmann, Symanzik and Zimmermann formula

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v13i1.pp1060-1077

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