Movie recommender chatbot based on Dialogflow

Zinke Abdurahman Baizal, Nurul Ikhsan, Ichwanul Muslim Karo Karo, Reinaldo Kenneth Darmawan, Roby Dwi Hartanto


Currently, the online movie streaming business is growing rapidly, such as Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, and Apple TV. The recommender system helps customers in getting information about movies that are in accordance with their wishes. Meanwhile, the development of messaging platform technology has made it easier for many people to communicate instantly. Utilizing a messaging platform to build a recommender system for movies, provides special benefits because people often access the messaging platform all the time. In the Indonesian language, there are many slang terms that the system must recognize. In this study, we build a chatbot on a messaging platform which users can interact with the system in natural language (in Indonesian language) and get recommendations. We use rule-based and maximum likelihood as a method in natural language processing (NLP), and content-based filtering for the recommendation process. The recommender system interaction is built through a conversation mechanism that will form a conversational recommender system. The interaction is based on a chatbot which is built using Dialogflow and implemented on the telegram. We use the accuracy of recommendations and user satisfaction to evaluate the system performance. The results obtained from the user study indicate that the NLP approach provides a positive experience for users. In addition, the system also produces an accuracy value of 83%.


Chatbot; Conversational recommender system; Dialogflow; Movie recommendation; Recommender system

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