One datum and many values for sustainable Industry 4.0: a prognostic and health management use case

Luisiana Sabbatini, Alberto Belli, Lorenzo Palma, Paola Pierleoni


Industrial context of today, driven by the Industry 4.0 paradigm, is overwhelmed by data. Decreasing cost of innovative technologies, and recent market dynamics have pushed and pulled respectively for those architectures and practices in which data are the masters. While advancing, we have to take care of waste, even though intangibility of data makes them hardly connected to waste. In this paper we are going to reflect on data intensive context of today, focusing on the industrial sector. A smart approach for fully exploiting data collecting infrastructures is proposed, and its declination in a prognostic and health management (PHM) use case set inside an automatic painting system is presented. The contributions of this papers are mainly two: first of all, the general conceptual take-away of "data re-use" is presented and discussed. Moreover, a PHM solution for painting system's number plates, based on optical character recognition (OCR), is proposed and tested as a proof-of-concept for the "data re-use" concept. Summarizing, the already-in-use data sharing principle for achieving transparency and integration inside Industry 4.0, is presented as complementary with the proposed "data re-use", in order to develop a really sustainable shift toward the future.


data re-use; industrial data management; industry 4.0; prognostic and health management; sustainability;

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