Increasing radiation power in half width microstrip leaky wave antenna by using slots technique

Muhannad Kaml Abdulhameed, Sarah Rafil Hashim, Noor Kamil Abdalhameed, Ahmed Jamal Abdullah Al-Gburi


The radiation power in the endfire is decreased while the main beam of half substrate integrated waveguide scan from broadside to endfire in a forward. The design of half-width microstrip leaky-wave antenna (HW-MLWA) has been presented in this work to increase the power radiation near endfire by using the slots technique in the radiation element. This slot leads to a decrease the cross-polarization. The proposed design comprises one element of HW-MLWA with repeated meandered square slots in the radiation element. One aspect of this antenna is generated by using a half substrate integrated waveguide with a full tapered feed line. The proposed antenna was terminated by load of 50 Ω, and feed on the other end of the antenna. Finally, the suggested design is simulated and acceptable results were found. The released gain is increased from 10.6 dBi to 12 dBi at 4.3 GHz. This design is suitable for unmanned aerial vehicle UAVs at C band application.


Cross-polarization; HW-MLWA; LWA; Radiation power; Slots technique

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