An innovative method of fault detection in power transformers

Vladimir Mikhailovich Levin, Ammar Abdulazez Yahya


The Bayesian classifier is a priori the optimal solution for minimizing the total error in problems of statistical pattern recognition. The article suggests using the classifier as a regular tool to increase the reliability of defect recognition in power oil-filled transformers based on the results of the analysis of gases dissolved in oil. The wide application of the Bayesian method for solving tasks of technical diagnostics of electrical equipment is limited by the problem of the multidimensional distribution of random parameters (features) and the nonlinearity of classification. The application of a generalized feature of a defect in the form of a nonlinear function of the transformer state parameters is proposed. This simultaneously reduces the dimension of the initial space of the controlled parameters and significantly improves the stochastic properties of the random distribution of the generalized feature. A special algorithm has been developed to perform statistical calculations and the procedure for recognizing the current technical condition of the transformer using the generated decision rule. The presented research results illustrate the possibility of the practical application of the developed method in the conditions of real operation of power transformers.


bayesian classifier; controllable parameters; decision rule; power transformer; reliability of defect recognition; statistical calculations; the dichotomy of states classes;

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