Blockchain for automotive: An insight towards the IPFS blockchain-based auto insurance sector

Nishara Nizamuddin, Ahed Abugabah


The advancing technology and industrial revolution have taken the automotive industry by storm in recent times. The auto sector’s constantly growing demand has paved the way for the automobile sector to embrace new technologies and disruptive innovations. The multi-trillion dollar, complex auto insurance sector is still stuck in the regulations of the past. Most of the customers still contact the insurance company by phone to buy new policies and process existing insurance claims. The customers still face the risk of fraudulent online brokers, as policies are mostly signed and processed on papers which often require human supervision, with a risk of error. The insurance sector faces a threat of failure due to losing and misconception of policies and information. We present a decentralized IPFS and blockchain-based framework for the auto insurance sector that regulates the activities in terms of insurance claims for automobiles and automates payments. This article also discusses how blockchain technology’s features can be useful for the decentralized autonomous vehicle’s ecosystem.


blockchain; decentralized auto-insurance sector; decentralized autonomous vehicle; ethereum; interplanetary file system; peer-to-peer networks; smart contracts;

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