A new hybrid text encryption approach over mobile ad hoc network

Mohammed Amin Almaiah, Ziad Dawahdeh, Omar Almomani, Adeeb Alsaaidah, Ahmad Al-Khasawneh, Saleh Khawatreh


Data exchange has been rapidly increased recently by increasing the use of mobile networks. Sharing information (text, image, audio and video) over unsecured mobile network channels is liable for attacking and stealing. Encryption techniques are the most suitable methods to protect information from hackers. Hill cipher algorithm is one of symmetric techniques, it has a simple structure and fast computations, but weak security because sender and receiver need to use and share the same private key within a non-secure channel. Therefore, a novel hybrid encryption approach between elliptic curve cryptosystem and hill cipher (ECCHC) is proposed in this paper to convert Hill Cipher from symmetric technique (private key) to asymmetric one (public key) and increase its security and efficiency and resist the hackers. Thus, no need to share the secret key between sender and receiver and both can generate it from the private and public keys. Therefore, the proposed approach presents a new contribution by its ability to encrypt every character in the 128 ASCII table by using its ASCII value direct without needing to assign a numerical value for each character. The main advantages of the proposed method are represented in the computation simplicity, security efficiency and faster computation.


Mobile Networks security, Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem, Hill Cipher, Self-invertible key matrix, Encryption, Decryption, ASCII Code

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v10i6.pp6461-6471

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