Practical electrical energy production to solve the shortage in electricity in Palestine and Pay Back period

Ahmed S A Badawi, Nurul Fadzlin Hasbullah, Siti Yusoff, Aisha Hashim, Mohammed Elamassie


In this paper power energy had been estimated based on actual wind speed records in a coastal city in Palestine Ashdod. The main aims of this study to determine the feasibility of wind turbine and to estimate payback period. Therefore, to encourage investment in renewable energy in Palestine. The daily average wind speed data had been analyzed and fitted to the Weibull probability distribution function. The parameters of Weibull had been calculated by author using Graphical method the applied example wind turbine is 5kw wind turbine generator this is suitable turbine for small scale based on wind speed records on the coastal plain of Palestine. This study calculated the energy that can produce from wind turbine to estimate the revenue of any possible project in wind energy conversion system based on unit area. Energy has been calculated wind energy using two different method based on Weibull data and measured data. The total amount of energy for 2010 is 10749.8 based on measured wind speed. Payback period for the project in wind energy turbines is around 3 years which make the generation electricity possible for small scale but not commercial. This study will lead to assess the wind energy production in Palestine to encourage investment in renewable energy sectors.


Mean wind speed; Potential energy; Wind energy

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