Fuzzy logic applications for data acquisition systems of practical measurement

Muhammad Haddin, Arief Marwanto, Agus Suprajitno, Munaf Ismail


In laboratory works, the error in measurement, reading the measurring devices, similarity of experimental data and lack of understanding of practicum materials are often found. These will lead to the inacurracy and invalid in data obtanined. As an alternative solution, application of fuzzy logic to the data acquisition system using a web server can used. This research focuses on the design of data acquisition systems with the target of reducing the error rate in measuring experimental data on the laboratory. Data measurement on laboratory practice module is done by taking the analog data resulted from the measurement. Furthermore, the data are converted into digital data via arduino and stored on the server. To get valid data, the server will process the data by using fuzzy logic method. The valid data are integrated into a web server so that it can be accessed as needed. The results showed that the data acquisition system based on fuzzy logic is able to provide recommendation of measurement result on the lab works based on the degree value of membership and truth value. Fuzzy logic will select the measured data with a maximum error percentage of 5% and select the measurement result which has minimum error rate.


Data acquisition system; Fuzzy logic; Practical measurement

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v10i4.pp3441-3450

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