A comparison of activation functions in multilayer neural network for predicting the production and consumption of electricity power

Abdulwahed Salam, Abdelaaziz El Hibaoui, Abdulgabbar Saif


Predicting electricity power is an important task, which helps power utilities in improving their systems’ performance in terms of effectiveness, productivity, management and control. Several researches had introduced this task using three main models: engineering, statistical and artificial intelligence. Based on the experiments, which used artificial intelligence models, multilayer neural networks model has proven its success in predicting many evaluation datasets. However, the performance of this model depends mainly on the type of activation function. Therefore, this paper introduces an experimental study for investigating the performance of the multilayer neural networks model with respect to different activation functions and different depths of hidden layers. The experiments in this paper cover the comparison among eleven activation functions using four benchmark electricity datasets. The activation functions under examination are sigmoid, hyperbolic tangent, SoftSign, SoftPlus, ReLU, Leak ReLU, Gaussian, ELU, SELU, Swish and Adjust-Swish. Experimental results show that ReLU and Leak ReLU activation functions outperform their counterparts in all datasets.


activation functions; artificial neural networks multilayer perceptrons; energy prediction;

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v11i1.pp163-170

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