The role of speech technology in biometrics, forensics and man-machine interface

Satyanand Singh


Day by day Optimism is growing that in the near future our society will witness the Man-Machine Interface (MMI) using voice technology. Computer manufacturers are building voice recognition sub-systems in their new product lines. Although, speech technology based MMI technique is widely used before, needs to gather and apply the deep knowledge of spoken language and performance during the electronic machine-based interaction. Biometric recognition refers to a system that is able to identify individuals based on their own behavior and biological characteristics. Fingerprint success in forensic science and law enforcement applications with growing concerns relating to border control, banking access fraud, machine access control and IT security, there has been great interest in the use of fingerprints and other biological symptoms for the automatic recognition. It is not surprising to see that the application of biometric systems is playing an important role in all areas of our society. Biometric applications include access to smartphone security, mobile payment, the international border, national citizen register and reserve facilities. The use of MMI by speech technology, which includes automated speech/speaker recognition and natural language processing, has the significant impact on all existing businesses based on personal computer applications. With the help of powerful and affordable microprocessors and artificial intelligence algorithms, the human being can talk to the machine to drive and control all computer-based applications. Today's applications show a small preview of a rich future for MMI based on voice technology, which will ultimately replace the keyboard and mouse with the microphone for easy access and make the machine more intelligent.


man-machine interface (MMI), universal background model (UBM), natural language processing (NLP), natural language understanding system (NLU), gaussian mixing model (GMM), artificial intelligence (AI)

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