Instruction Set Extension of a Low-End Reconfigurable Microcontroller in Bit-Sorting Implementation

Sani Irwan Md Salim, Yewguan Soo, Sharatul Izah Samsudin


The microcontroller-based system is currently having a tremendous boost with the revelation of platforms such as the Internet of Things. Low-end families of microcontroller architecture are still in demand albeit less technologically advanced due to its better I/O better application and control. However, there is clearly a lack of computational capability of the low-end architecture that will affect the pre-processing stage of the received data. The purpose of this research is to combine the best feature of an 8-bit microcontroller architecture together with the computationally complex operations without incurring extra resources. The modules’ integration is implemented using instruction set architecture (ISA) extension technique and is developed on the Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). Extensive simulations were performed with the and a comprehensive methodology is proposed. It was found that the ISA extension from 12-bit to 16-bit has produced a faster execution time with fewer resource utilization when implementing the bit-sorting algorithm. The overall development process used in this research is flexible enough for further investigation either by extending its module to more complex algorithms or evaluating other designs of its components.


Instruction Set Extension Reconfigurable Processor Bit-Sorting

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