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Vol 10, No 6: December 2020 A native enhanced elastic extension tables multi-tenant database Abstract
Magy El Banhawy, Walaa Saber, Fathy Amer
Vol 11, No 1: February 2021 A Nested Square-Shape Dielectric Resonator for Microwave Band Antenna Applications Abstract
Ubaid Ullah, Ismail Ben Mabrouk, Muath Al-Hasan, Mourad Nedil, Mohd Fadzil Ain
Vol 8, No 4: August 2018 A Neural Network Approach to Identify Hyperspectral Image Content Abstract   PDF
Puttaswamy Malali Rajegowda, Balamurugan P.
Vol 4, No 6: December 2014 A Neural Network Based Speed Control of a Dual Star Induction Motor Abstract   PDF
Meliani Bouziane, Meroufel Abdelkader
Vol 5, No 6: December 2015 A Neuro-fuzzy Approach for Predicting Load Peak Profile Abstract   PDF
Abdellah Draidi, Djamel Labed
Vol 6, No 2: April 2016 A New All-Optical Signal Regeneration Technique for 10 GB/S DPSK Transmission System Abstract   PDF
Bhagwan Das, Mohammad Faiz Liew Abdullah, Nor Shahida Mohd Shah
Vol 5, No 5: October 2015 A New Approach Based on Quantum Clustering and Wavelet Transform for Breast Cancer Classification: Comparative Study Abstract   PDF
Nezha Hamdi, Khalid Auhmani, Moha.M’Rabet Hassani
Vol 4, No 1: February 2014 A New Approach for Broken Bar Fault Detection in Three-Phase Induction Motor Using Instantaneous Power Monitoring under Low Slip Range Abstract   PDF
Yassine Maouche, Mohamed El Kamel Oumaamar, Mohamed Boucherma, Abdelmalek Khezzar
Vol 10, No 4: August 2020 A new approach for content-based image retrieval for medical applications using low-level image descriptors Abstract   PDF
Mohammed Qassim Shatnawi, Mohammad Alrousan, Suzan Amareen
Vol 9, No 6: December 2019 A new approach for enhancing LSB steganography using bidirectional coding scheme Abstract   PDF
Mohammed M. Saeed Abdullah Al-Momin, Issa Ahmed Abed, Hussein A. Leftah
Vol 2, No 5: October 2012 A New Approach For Image Hiding Based On Contourlet Transform Abstract   PDF
Saeed Masaebi, Amir Masoud Eftekhary Moghaddam
Vol 5, No 5: October 2015 A New Approach for SAR Image Denoising Abstract   PDF
Murali Mohan Babu. Y, Subramanyam M. V., Giri Prasad. M. N
Vol 7, No 5: October 2017 A New Approach of Iris Detection and Recognition Abstract   PDF
Rubel Biswas, Jia Uddin, Md. Junayed Hasan
Vol 9, No 2: April 2019 A new approach to gather similar operations extracted from web services Abstract   PDF
Rekkal Sara, Amrane Bakhta, Loukil Lakhdar
Vol 10, No 5: October 2020 A new approach to image classification based on a deep multiclass AdaBoosting ensemble Abstract   PDF
Hasan Asil, Jamshid Bagherzadeh
Vol 8, No 5: October 2018 A New Approach to the Detection of Mammogram Boundary Abstract   PDF
Mohammed Rmili, Abdelmajid El Moutaouakkil, Mousatapha M. Saleck, Maksi Bouchaib, Fatiha Adnani, El Mehdi El Aroussi
Vol 8, No 6: December 2018 A New Chaotic System with a Pear-shaped Equilibrium and its Circuit Simulation Abstract   PDF
Aceng Sambas, Sundarapandian Vaidyanathan, Mustafa Mamat, Muhammad Afendee Mohamed, Mada Sanjaya WS
Vol 9, No 4: August 2019 A New Chaotic System with Line of Equilibria: Dynamics, Passive Control and Circuit Design Abstract   PDF
Aceng Sambas, Mustafa Mamat, Ayman Ali Arafa, Gamal M Mahmoud, Mohamad Afendee Mohamed, W. S. Mada Sanjaya
Vol 7, No 2: April 2017 A New Compact and Miniaturized GCPW-fed Slotted Rectangular antenna for Wideband UHF FIRD Applications Abstract   PDF
Rachid Dakir, Jamal Zbitou, Ahmed Mouhsen, A. Tribak, M. Latrach, A. M. Sanchez
Vol 4, No 3: June 2014 A New Cryptographic Strategy for Digital Images Abstract   PDF
Nidhi Sethi, Sandip Vijay
Vol 9, No 6: December 2019 A new design algorithm for hybrid active power filter Abstract   PDF
Chau Minh Thuyen
Vol 8, No 2: April 2018 A New Design of a CPW-Fed Dual-Band Monopole Antenna for RFID Readers Abstract   PDF
Ahmed El Hamraoui, EL Hassane Abdelmounim, Jamal Zbitou, Hamid Bennis, Mohamed Latrach
Vol 9, No 2: April 2019 A new design of a microstrip rectenna at 5.8 GHz for wireless power transmission applications Abstract   PDF
Taybi Abdellah, Abdelali Tajmouati, Jamal Zbitou, Ahmed Errkik, Mohamed Latrach
Vol 7, No 4: August 2017 A New Design of a Wideband Miniature Antenna Array Abstract   PDF
Oulhaj Otman, Naima A. Touhami, Mohamed Aghoutane, Abdelmounaim Belbachir Kchairi
Vol 9, No 4: August 2019 A New Design of Capacitive Power Transfer Based on Hybrid Approach for Biomedical Implantable Device Abstract   PDF
Zaki Mustapa, Shakir Saat, Yusmarnita Yusof
Vol 10, No 6: December 2020 A New design of fuzzy logic controller optimized By PSO-SCSO applied To SFO-DTC induction motor drive Abstract   PDF
Ali Taieb, Abdellaziz Ferdjouni
Vol 9, No 5: October 2019 A new digital signature scheme with message recovery using hybrid problems Abstract   PDF
Nedal Tahat, Rania Shaqboua, Emad E. Abdallah, Mohammad Bsoul, Wasfi Shatanawi
Vol 7, No 6: December 2017 A New Dual Band Printed Metamaterial Antenna for RFID Reader Applications Abstract   PDF
Abdelhadi Ennajih, Jamal Zbitou, Mohamed Latrach, Ahmed Errkik, Rachid Mandry
Vol 10, No 5: October 2020 A new dynamic speech encryption algorithm based on lorenz chaotic map over internet protocol Abstract   PDF
Obaida M. Al-hazaimeh
Vol 9, No 2: April 2019 A new efficient way based on special stabilizer multiplier permutations to attack the hardness of the minimum weight search problem for large BCH codes Abstract   PDF
Issam Abderrahman Joundan, Said Nouh, Mohamed Azouazi, Abdelwahed Namir
Vol 9, No 5: October 2019 A new energy consumption technique for mobile ad hoc networks Abstract   PDF
S. Alani, Zahriladha Zakaria, Herwansyah Lago
Vol 10, No 6: December 2020 A new exact equivalent circuit of the medium voltage three-phase induction motor Abstract
Laura Collazo Solar, Angel A. Costa Montiel, Miriam Vilaragut Llanes, Vladimir Sousa Santos, Abel Curbelo Colina
Vol 9, No 5: October 2019 A new framework to alleviate DDoS vulnerabilities in cloud computing Abstract   PDF
A. Saravanan, S. SathyaBama, Seifedine Kadry, Lakshmana Kumar Ramasamy
Vol 5, No 3: June 2015 A New Hybrid Artificial Neural Network Based Control of Doubly Fed Induction Generator Abstract   PDF
Venu Madhav Gopala, Obulesu Y.P.
Vol 8, No 4: August 2018 A New Hybrid Robust Fault Detection of Switching Systems by Combination of Observer and Bond Graph Method Abstract   PDF
Mohammad Ghasem Kazemi, Mohsen Montazeri
Vol 10, No 6: December 2020 A new hybrid text encryption approach over mobile ad hoc network Abstract
Mohammed Amin Almaiah, Ziad Dawahdeh, Omar Almomani, Adeeb Alsaaidah, Ahmad Al-Khasawneh, Saleh Khawatreh
Vol 7, No 4: August 2017 A New Induction Motor Adaptive Robust Vector Control based on Backstepping Abstract   PDF
Mhamed Madark, A. Ba-Razzouk, E. Abdelmounim, M.El Malah
Vol 7, No 2: April 2017 A New Instrumentation Amplifier Architecture Based on Differential Difference Amplifier for Biological Signal Processing Abstract   PDF
Zainul Abidin, Koichi Tanno, Shota Mago, Hiroki Tamura
Vol 9, No 5: October 2019 A new method for voice signal features creation Abstract   PDF
Majed O. Al-Dwairi, Amjad Y. Hendi, Mohamed S. Soliman, Ziad A. A. AlQadi
Vol 7, No 4: August 2017 A New Methodology for Active Power Transmission Loss Allocation in Deregulated Power System Abstract   PDF
Prakash Kumar Hota, Atulya Prasad Naik
Vol 3, No 1: February 2013 A New Methodology for Allocation of Stabilizers in Uncontrollable poles of multi-machine power systems Abstract   PDF
Nadali Gharahajilo, Hamid Lesani, Mahmood Fotuhi
Vol 10, No 1: February 2020 A new model for iris data set classification based on linear support vector machine parameter's optimization Abstract   PDF
Zahraa Faiz Hussain, Hind Raad Ibraheem, Mohammad Alsajri, Ahmed Hussein Ali, Mohd Arfian Ismail, Shahreen Kasim, Tole Sutikno
Vol 9, No 1: February 2019 A new model for the selection of web development frameworks: application to PHP frameworks Abstract   PDF
Khaoula Benmoussa, Majida Laaziri, Samira Khoulji, Kerkeb Mohamed Larbi, Abir El Yamami
Vol 6, No 6: December 2016 A New Paradigm for Development of Data Imputation Approach for Missing Value Estimation Abstract   PDF
Madhu G, Nagachandrika G
Vol 11, No 1: February 2021 A new parallel bat algorithm for musical note recognition Abstract
ِAnsam Nazar Younis, Fawzia Mahmood Ramo
Vol 10, No 1: February 2020 A new partial image encryption method for document images using variance based quad tree decomposition Abstract   PDF
C. R. Revanna, C. Keshavamurthy
Vol 10, No 5: October 2020 A new perspective of refractive error calculation with mobile application Abstract   PDF
Komang Candra Brata, Mukhammad Sharif Hidayatulloh, Lutfi Fanani, Adam Hendra Brata
Vol 6, No 5: October 2016 A New Phase Current Profiling with FLC f or Torque Optimization of 12/8 SRM Abstract   PDF
Sihem Saidani, Mohamed Radhouan Hachicha, Moez Ghariani
Vol 8, No 6: December 2018 A New Photovoltaic Energy Sharing System between Homes in Standalone Areas Abstract   PDF
A. Mezouari, R. Elgouri, M. Igouzal, M. Alareqi, K. Mateur, H. Dahou, L. Hlou
Vol 7, No 4: August 2017 A New Planar Multiband Antenna for GPS, ISM and WiMAX Applications Abstract   PDF
I. Zahraoui, A. Errkik, M. C. Abounaima, A. Tajmouati, L. E. Abdellaoui, M. Latrach
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