Predicting the Brand Popularity from the Brand Metadata

Bhargavi K, Sathish Babu B, S. S. Iyengar


Social networks have become one of the primary sources of big data, where a variety of posts related to brands are liked, shared, and commented, which are collectively called as brand metadata. Due to the increased boom in E/M-commerce, buyers often refer the brand metadata as a valuable source of information to make their purchasing decision. From the literature study, we found that there are not many works on predicting the popularity of the brand based on the combination of brand metadata and comment’s thoughtfulness analysis. This paper proposes a novel framework to classify the comment’s as thoughtful favored or disfavored comment’s, and later combines them with the brand metadata to forecast the popularity of the brand in near future. The performance of the proposed framework is compared with some of the recent works w.r.t. thoughtful comment’s identification accuracy, execution time, prediction accuracy and prediction time, the results obtained are found to be very encouraging.


brand metadata; brand popularity; mapreduce; social networks; thoughtful comment

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