Design and Implementation of an Embedded System for Software Defined Radio

A. E. Abdelkareem, Saad Mohammed Saleh, Ammar D. Jasim


In this paper, developing high performance software for demanding real-time embedded systems is proposed. This software-based design will enable the software engineers and system architects in emerging technology areas like 5G Wireless and Software Defined Networking (SDN) to build their algorithms. An ADSP-21364 floating point SHARC Digital Signal Processor (DSP) running at 333 MHz is adopted as a platform for an embedded system. To evaluate the proposed embedded system, an implementation of frame, symbol and carrier phase synchronization is presented as an application. Its performance is investigated with an on line Quadrature Phase Shift keying (QPSK) receiver. Obtained results show that the designed software is implemented successfully based on the SHARC DSP which can utilized efficiently for such algorithms. In addition, it is proven that the proposed embedded system is pragmatic and capable of dealing with the memory constraints and critical time issue due to a long length interleaved coded data utilized for channel coding.


DSP; embedded system; receiver; synchronization

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