A Novel Optimization towards Higher Reliability in Predictive Modelling towards Code Reusability

Manoj H.M., Nandakumar A.N.


Although, the area of software engineering has made a remarkable progress in last decade but there is less attention towards the concept of code reusability in this regards.Code reusability is a subset of Software Reusability which is one of the signature topics in software engineering. We review the existing system to find that there is no progress or availability of standard research approach toward code reusability being introduced in last decade. Hence, this paper introduced a predictive framework that is used for optimizing the performance of code reusability. For this purpose, we introduce a case study of near real-time challenge and involved it in our modelling. We apply neural network and Damped-Least square algorithm to perform optimization with a sole target to compute and ensure highest possible reliability. The study outcome of our model exhibits higher reliability and better computational response time.


code reusability, object oriented programming, optimization, software engineering,

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v7i5.pp2855-2862

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