Inertial Navigation for Quadrotor Using Kalman Filter with Drift Compensation

Lasmadi Lasmadi, Adha Imam Cahyadi, Samiadji Herdjunanto, Risanuri Hidayat


The main disadvantage of an Inertial Navigation System is a low accuracy due to noise, bias, and drift error in the inertial sensor. This research aims to develop the accelerometer and gyroscope sensor for quadrotor navigation system, bias compensation, and Zero Velocity Compensation (ZVC). Kalman Filter is designed to reduce the noise on the sensor while bias compensation and ZVC are designed to eliminate the bias and drift error in the sensor data. Test results showed the Kalman Filter design is acceptable to reduce the noise in the sensor data. Moreover, the bias compensation and ZVC can reduce the drift error due to integration process as well as improve the position estimation accuracy of the quadrotor. At the time of testing, the system provided the accuracy above 90 % when it tested indoor.


drift compensation, imu, inertial navigation, kalman filter, quadrotor,

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