Intensity preserving cast removal in color images using particle swarm optimization

Om Prakash Verma, Nitin Sharma


In this paper, we present an optimal image enhancement technique for color cast images by preserving their intensity. There are methods which improves the appearance of the affected images under different cast like red, green, blue etc but up to some extent. The proposed color cast method is corrected by using transformation function based on gamma values. These optimal values of gamma are obtained through particle swarm optimization (PSO). This technique preserves the image intensity and maintains the originality of color by satisfying the modified gray world assumptions. For the performance analysis, the image distance metric criteria of CIELAB color space is used. The effectiveness of the proposed approach is illustrated by testing the proposed method on color cast images. It has been found that distance between the reference image and the corrected proposed image is negligible. The calculated value of image distance depicts that the enhanced image results of the proposed algorithm are closer to the reference images in comparison with other existing methods.


gamma correction; color cast; particle swarm optimization; intensity preservation; knee transfer function

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