Wind Integrated Thermal Unit Commitment Solution Using Grey Wolf Optimizer

S. Siva Sakthi, R.K. Santhi, N. Murali Krishnan, S. Ganesan, S. Subramanian


The augment of ecological shield and the progressive exhaustion of traditional fossil energy sources have increased the interests in integrating renewable energy sources into existing power system. Wind power is becoming worldwide a significant component of the power generation portfolio. Profuse literature have been reported for the thermal Unit Commitment (UC) solution. In this work, the UC problem has been formulated by integrating wind power generators along with thermal power system. The Wind Generator Integrated UC (WGIUC) problem is more complex in nature, that necessitates a promising optimization tool. Hence, the modern bio-inspired algorithm namely, Grey Wolf Optimization (GWO) algorithm has been chosen as the main optimization tool and real coded scheme has been incorporated to handle the operational constraints. The standard test systems are used to validate the potential of the GWO algorithm. Moreover, the ramp rate limits are also included in the mathematical WGIUC formulation. The simulation results prove that the intended algorithm has the capability of obtaining economical resolutions with good solution quality.


generation scheduling, grey wolf optimization , ramp rate limit, unit commitment, wind power generation,

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