The Analysis of Performace Model Tiered Artificial Neural Network for Assessment of Coronary Heart Disease

Wiharto Wiharto, Harianto Herianto, Hari Kusnanto


The assessment model of coronary heart disease is so much developed in line with the development of information technology, particularly the field of artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, the assessment models developed mostly do not use such an approach made by the clinician, the tiered approach. This study aims to analyze the performance of a tiered model assessment. The method used for each level is, preprocessing, building architecture artificial neural network (ANN), conduct training using the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm and one step secant, as well as testing the system. The study is divided into the terms of the stages in the examination procedure. The test results showed the influence of each level, both when the output level of the previous positive or negative, were tested back at the next level. The performance evaluation may indicate that the top level provides performance improvement and or reinforce the previous level. 


artificial intelligence, artificial neural network, assessment, coronary heart disease, tiered model,

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