The Evaluated Measurement of a Combined Genetic Algorithm and Artificial Immune System

Pongsarun Boonyopakorn, Phayung Meesad


This paper demonstrates a hybrid between two optimization methods which are the Artificial Immune System (AIS) and Genetic Algorithm (GA). The novel algorithm called the immune genetic algorithm (IGA), provides improvement to the results that enable GA and AIS to work separately which is the main objective of this hybrid. Negative selection which is one of the techniques in the AIS, was employed to determine the input variables (populations) of the system. In order to illustrate the effectiveness of the IGA, the comparison with a steady-state GA, AIS, and PSO were also investigated. The testing of the performance was conducted by mathematical testing, problems were divided into single and multiple objectives. The five single objectives were then used to test the modified algorithm, the results showed that IGA performed better than all of the other methods. The DTLZ multiobjective testing functions were then used. The result also illustrated that the modified approach still had the best performance.


artificial immune system, genetic algorithm, hybrid algorithm, immune genetic algorithm, optimization mathematical,

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