Integral Backstepping Control for Maximum Power Point Tracking and Unity Power Factor of a Three Phase Grid Connected Photovoltaic System

Hicham Bahri, Mohamed Aboulfatah, M’hammed Guisser, Elhassane Abdelmounim, Mohammed El Malah


This paper presents a robust control strategy for a grid connected photovoltaic system with a boost converter by using an integral Backstepping method based on a nonlinear state model, which guarantees the Lyapunov stability of the global system. The system has tracked precisely the maximum power point, with a very fast response and the unit power factor has been observed under different atmospheric conditions. Moreover, the best advantage of the controller is that it’s a good corrector of the grid perturbation and system parameter disturbance. The simulation result has demonstrated the performance of this strategy.


integral backstepping, photovoltaic systems , power conversion harmonics, power converters , three-phase electric power,

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